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Out Of Pocket 15
Defeated Breach


You’ll fight Breach at the end of her Pocket Dimension. Avoid her attacks and kill the common enemies so they aren’t in the way. If you stay close to the center, and walk towards her when she pops up, she'll be less likely to do her ranged attack. You have to destroy her dolls to damage her. Blocking and dodging are your best friends in this fight.

Deep Sea Rescue 15
Cured Aquania


You’ll get this after killing the octo-brain. Kill the common enemies to get energy and unleash your omega builds on the boss. Make sure to avoid the spikes that come up.

This has been glitchy for some people and has not unlocked on the first playthrough. It will hopefully unlock on the second playthrough.

I Hate That Bunny 15
Defeated The EVO Death Bunny


This is the boss fight on the Jungle level. Dodge when he claws at you and jump when he slams to the ground. After slamming three times in a row, he'll become vulnerable to your attacks.

Not Just A Pretty Face 15
Solved The Puzzle In The Temple


You’ll get this in the Jungle level. The combination is: yellow, green, red, blue.

U-G-L-Y… 15
Defeated The Multi-Head EVO


This is the first boss and it’s very easy. Shoot at him from a distance and dodge his attacks until he falls over and you can hit him repeatedly.

Threading The Needle 15
Successfully Flew Through The Circular Debris While Sky Diving

This one you can get at the start of the game. During the freefall section, a lot of debris will begin to come at you after the ship is blown up. There will be a massive piece of circular debris in the middle. It’s hard to avoid.

Training Complete 15
Completed The Tutorial In Mexico


After completing sky-diving, the game will begin to teach you the basics of combat. Simply defeat these few enemies and you'll get the achievement.

Circe… 15
Encountered Circe


This unlocks at the beginning of Rex Ride. During the cutscene, Circe will pass you and you'll get the achievement.

Big Bad Wolf 15
Defeated Biowulf Story-Based.

You’ll beat this guy halfway through Aquania. Dodge his claws and then activate an omega build to defeat him quickly.

Van Kleiss! 15
Defeated Van Kleiss In Providence


This is the boss at the end of the Providence level. Kill the common enemies to gain enough energy to use an omega build and then use that on Van Kleiss.

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