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There are a few enemies after obtaining the “Bad Axes” and then you’ll rescue Holiday.

Stone Cutter 40
Beat Quarry In 2.5 Mins. Or Less

Make sure that you start this boss fight with full omega energy. Use your omega builds to hit Quarry, and then turn them off when he jumps away. Use your best standard build to defeat the common enemies, and switch back to omega builds when Quarry returns. You’ll have to be quick about this, as I got it in about 2 minutes, 25 seconds.

Note: Agent Six Time Trials can give you an estimate of how much time you have left.

Flawless Victory 30
Defeated Van Kleiss In Abysus Castle Without Taking Any Damage

This is regular Van Kleiss, not Giant Van Kleiss. At the start of the battle make sure you have full omega energy and your best omega build equipped. Unleash your omega build on him until he jumps to a higher ledge. He’ll start shooting projectiles three waves at a time. Stay at the back of the stage and maneuver through his projectiles. When he takes a short break, shoot at him with the Slam Cannon. This will cause him to eventually come back down. If you have enough omega energy, finish him off. If not, avoid his attacks and kill the crab guys until you have enough.

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