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Originally Posted by Madd Prerow View Post
I don't know what it is, but I find this game to be freaky. The odd music, the random shootings, the bizzare characters; It just makes me freak out.

Example: I was walking through the wastlands and there sudenly was something shooting at me, and I couldent find what. I ran and ran but it still shot me. PLEASE LORD, STOP THE SHOOTING!!!!

Example: The feral ghouls - enough said

I know im just a big scaredy cat, but im just curious if anyone else felt this way. Post examples if you would like.

Spoilers ahead.

Oh, yes. I took a break after "The Power of the Atom". Then I decided that I was going to finish it and get all the achievements, gosh darn it, and power through. I've done some side quests, and I'm ready to talk to Dr. Li in Rivet City to find my father. I'm halfway to level 13, and do decently in combat. I usually have to reload saves when Dogmeat dies. But some of this "dungeon crawling" is pretty freaky. I'm taking a break from it for a while. Who knows how long this time?
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