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Originally Posted by x RoverandOut x View Post
This mission is beginning to infuriate me. I got it a couple of days ago on the cheap and this level inparticualr is making me rage. I can do the first bit easy enough but I can't hack the missiles at all due to the friendly AI's stupidity.

I pieced together a couple of different strategies that I read about for this level and was finally successful (without the help of a friend).

No need to delevel your character like some people have suggested. Just start a new one. You can pick whatever level you want to play right from the beginning. The bots really are much easier at low levels.

I used a shotgun as my primary.

What I would do is start my hack right next to the console so that the hack % would increase quickly. I would watch my surroundings and try my best to keep the console in between me and any enemies so that I could stay as long as possible. The second I started to take any damage I would sprint into the little room the the right of the console. You can continue to hack from that distance (just slower) and enemies rarely follow you in there. If they do that is when I would use my shotgun. As soon as it looked like the opposing team was focused on my teammates again I would move outside to the terminal. I repeated this process of hiding in the room and popping out when it looked clear until I reached 100%. It is very important to move into the room as soon as you start to take damage because if you die they can undo most of your progress.

I may have just gotten lucky but it worked for me. Thought I would pass it on as I know how frustrating this level can be. Most people's advice was to find a partner to do it with you but it can be done on your own.
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