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Originally Posted by Drucifer82 View Post

Moves List:

There are standard attacks for all characters (such as Special Combo Takedown) so this will only apply to moves specific to Nightwing.

Special Combo Eskrima Ricochet: +
Special Combo Shock Attack: + (acts like Batman's REC)

Just like Batman, Nightwing can do a Batclaw Strike by quickfiring the batclaw, then holding in the direction of your enemy and pressing .
hi I am knew to the Xbox and to Batman Arkham City, but have enjoyed the challenge maps, struggling to get past Survival of the Fittest, so found this site. Thanks for all your hard work most helpful.

Just a couple of questions about these moves above.

I have tried a number of button conversions but for some reason I can't work out what the buttons you're referring to for the Eskrima Ricochet, I've done it accidentally, but not been able to do it deliberately?

So could you tell me what the R button is, I don't have an R button on my xbox controller?

The other thing is that I've seen in your videos Nightwing putting the two sticks together and blasting everyone in the radius, how is that executed. Finally when you ricochet the Eskrima stick sometimes it Nightwing kicks it and they go around again, how do you do that as well?

Ok thanks for the tips. Since there isn't much information on the web about these dlc's and Nightwing's moves this is great.

Thanks again

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