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After doing the DLC I have found a few good points of information to help out with the 205.

First of all, the pinball.
  1. You want to try to first get a x4 or x6 combo before even attempting this. Makes it go way faster this way.
  2. Try and get the ball, once you have a good combo, around the right side of the table.
  3. Keep the ball on this right side and cycle the ball in a triangle shape so that you hit the four panels, the bell at the top (which seems to bring the side panel back to place so you don't lose a ball) and land back on the bottom right flipper.
  4. Keep repeating this and don't forget about tilting. You can tilt like 3-4 times on this table without it locking, but be wary as it's sometimes picky. I had it lock on me once with 600k score and I only tilted twice.
Secondly, for Insane.
  • Wasn't that bad at all really, only died maybe 8 times.
  • For the boss fight with Proton, before the fight I would drink a beer when the third or fourth wave of bombs come. These bombs are a pain in the ass. Make sure to get the Ripper too, as trying to hit them with a pistol or Devastator is impossible.
  • For the actual fight with Proton, stay behind the pillars to dodge his MG fire and the lasers. For the pipebombs he throws out, just run to another pillar.
  • After the boss, when you arrive on the FIRST stop on the hoverpad thing, with the Octabrains, just keep moving and dodging and use a pistol. Worked best for me.
  • The SECOND stop when you get the Freeze Ray for the first time, immediately pick it up (if you like it) and then IMMEDIATELY run back onto the pad and carefully crouch and get behind the two crates at the edge of the hover pad. Here you take practically no damage and anywhere else the fucking Pigcops either swarm you, throw pipebombs, or sneak behind you and rape you.
  • The last part I should note is the FINAL BOSS, when you go back into her *place* for the second time to hit the second ovary, you should have a beer and a holoduke, now is the time to use it since stupid Octabrains come out. A whole beer and holoduke should provide plenty of protection while you take down the second ovary.
This is what I gathered by playing the DLC.
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