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I still can't seem to activate the Excrima ricohet, and also the stun move where you send an electical bolt out to everyone is a combination I still can't find. here is a picture of what I mean

No matter what buttons I am pressing and where I am in the combo count. I have to say (not sure if this makes any difference) that I've not yet finished the single player campaign so I don't know if not having all of batmans upgrades makes a difference in Nightwings challenge maps.

But I have to say I am so struggling to get past Survival of the fittest. I never seem to have enough hit points out out last the guys in the final round, there is so many and even jumping and dodging only gets me so far.

Anyway I hoped these moves might give me the edge to finishing that map, but so far after playing that challenge map maybe 60 times I've still not go to the final round.

Any help would be appreciated.


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