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Good guide. Got some tips if you want to add them. If you are going for the under the 10 minute time trial legit, then you need to use the whip omega build on the octopus boss as the other two builds don't do enough damage to do it in time as I found out. The game was extremely glitchy for me on time trials and crashed a quite a few times, due to this I found out you could get the 10 minute speed trial on any level. If you go straight to your dashboard from the level you're on and reload the game back up and continue, it will put you back where you were in the level with the timer at zero, I already had the achievement so don't know if it will work for definite, but don't see why it won't, my last level of the game shows me doing it in 04:35. If you do this method for the flawless victory if you get hit, you get to start at the boss again and try again to beat him without getting hit and you will still get the achievement as I did it that way.
Thanks. I added the part about the whip and the timer reset. For "Flawless Victory" however, you can simply pause and press restart to get to the start of the battle.
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