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Originally Posted by sparkingconduit View Post
How can a plot that literally writes itself out of the continuum be called good? I'm serious, I want to understand. How can ANY plot that includes time travel, yet has characters bitching about needing to get back in time (what?!), be considered good? Please, enlighten me. I'd really like to hear someone else's opinion on this travesty of a storyline.
Maybe I'm a sucker for a good time-travel plot, but I don't see how undoing the events immediately make it bad. TBH the game itself is about the story at hand, not its long term impact on the universe. Ocarina of Time for example writ 5/4 of the game out of existence at the end (until the official timeline came out anyways and gave us split continuities) and it wasn't bad at all.

And where do they bitch about getting back in time? Only thing I can possibly imagine you mean is Silver constantly saying he has to change the "past" (present). When he's saying that, he means with actions in the present, not by constantly going back and retrying the same instances. Additionally, none of the characters could time travel on a whim, it always involved two of them together.

If that's not what you mean, I'm at a loss. There's only 4 instances where they ever travel back and none of them involved whining. Spoilers I guess.

Spoiler! (click here to reveal)

If you'd like to be a bit more specific in your criticisms I can probably give you a clearer answer, but your post is quite literally saying "It sucks, defend it."

Originally Posted by Miles Prower F6 View Post
The reason for that is because Sonic 4 Episode 2 is going to be related to Sonic CD.

So think of Sonic CD as a prequel of sorts.
Um, no? Considering we have zero plot details from Episode 2 that's one hell of an assumption to make. Their only relation is Metal Sonic being present, and by that logic Sonic Heroes must be closely related too. I heavily heavily doubt we see anything else from Sonic CD making an appearance. Sonic 4 is supposed to be a straight series (hence "Episodes," like Sonic 3 to Sonic & Knuckles), not a series of standalone titles that jigsaw all over the timeline.

EDIT: Alright I stand corrected, I apologize. I never bothered to watch the trailers because I've already played the game. I'm suddenly a lot more interested in Episode 2 now, though I still don't see how Episode 1 fits in there.

Also I wish this forum had strikeout enabled >.> Much better than whiting it out.

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