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The Fatidic Treasure Trove Achievement

I will tell you all a little story:

I bought the PRIMA guide and complete the game 2 years ago leaving it to 980G due to errors in the guide, which more later i search (burning cave, Gongora mansion and crimson forest) but still did not have the achievement, this put me anger and I deleted the saved game .

1 month ago started again with revived strength and with the guidance set out here printed with pen and crossing out every object that was (looking at the PRIMA guide maps to help)

What was my surprise that after all the fucking cross list (including underground treasures, Tolten seals, invisible treasures and treasure hunting, etc ...) the achievement did not pop up

Anyway, I have a couple of theories:

The first is that not all coins collected soil and opened one of the chests before facing money-money but say that does not count for achievement because is disapear later, (someone can confirm at 100%?)

The following theory is due to all those people who says he has followed various guides (youtube, the one that splitplaytru, etc) that says he has not pop up the achievement, I think some people myself included have the achievement bugged and can't do it (IS THAT POSSIBLE?)
Some people who says that it will repeat again for other forums, i search their GT recently and some of theirs still with 980G (really bug or abandoned try?)

Yesterday and today I'm reviewing the whole guide of the forum place to place, and i tell you later if works for me or not...

Any idea what ever happened to me?
Anyone have the same problem?

...And my GF

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