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Ok, Iīm sure this has been already answer but let me take advantage of this Question Thread.

I didnīt save enough citizens, in fact they are all dead except for quest givers and guards, Iīm sure lots of players had experience this huge bummer. But anyway I want to know, itīs out there any way to have my kingdom back on its feet?

I read on the internet that if I get the treasury full again (Iīm still in red numbers, Iīm such a horrible king) and spend some time in the game, eventually people will come back. Now, is it true? How much money should my treasury have and how long should I wait to the cities be full again?

Also, If I sleep to much to get like a month in game time pass by, will my wife divorce me for no interact with her? After all the headache I donīt want to lose Eloise, sheīs kind of like the only female model I encounter in the game that can be considerer not as ugly as the rest of NPCs.

Edit: Ah, never mind, suddenly the world is populated again, donīt know why but thatīs fine for me.

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