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Originally Posted by quickhhh View Post
So I was in my second ever boosting session for COD 3 after the fourth game in the host left the session (when the count down clock started to go to the menu) and three of the achievements popped in the loading screen. First Major, then General then colonel. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I got all the rank achievements at only 7321 points. I feel like I won the lottery.
Exactly the same thing happened to me! i must admit i also felt very lucky, as i, aswell as everybody else, knew that these multiplayer achievements were going to take some time. So the fact that i got 3 of them (Inc General) in one game was a hugely refreshing surprise! I also was on probably 10k toward 40k with around 3 hours of boosting, so this glitch turned out to be a best friend
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