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Originally Posted by Joel78 View Post
That photo is of the Special Combo Shock Attack (B+A).
Well thanks for the input, but I still can't seem to pull this move off in the game. I actually managed it once, but by accident! By which I mean I did some button pushing combination and it happened. Subsequently I couldn't repeat what I did, so I've not see the Escrima group stun attack again.

I've tried all sorts of moves and every combination of buttons I can, but still nothing. All I can think of is that I must need to get to a critical bonus level to be able to do it, but I get to x20 sometimes and still nothing.

Since I've now completed the game I am at a total loss as to why I can't make this move, but its so annoying as I want to do it to help beat Survival of the fittest which so far I've never got past the final round on.

Anyway if anyone else can shed light on this, I'd be very grateful. I feel I'm missing something obvious!

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