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Originally Posted by Ayx View Post
If you played the Demo, don't give a review based on it. That's exactly what it is, an introduction Chapter. The game starts in Chapter Two pretty much, it's some of the basic patterns (Hiding, shoving Amy down holes, sending her to hack 240 times like she's some wizard.) and you get Amy's abilities which is suppose to be really good but so far it's not proving too useful as you might as well bash the heads of the Zombies because you can't stealth them 80% of the time.

The game is beautiful, ignore the Screen Tearing and it's actually very well designed. The game is dark, gives a chilling feeling and has a few scares if you're using Turtle Beaches or a loud volume.

The thing that single handedly kills this game is the Checkpoint System, due to it the game's difficulty spikes intensely and not in a difficult way since it's trial and error, it's the time that it takes to get from Point A to Point B without messing up. It's about a 15 minute session if you don't run through it and it has to be pretty flawless (A little forgiveness if you failed Stealth on a Zombie since you can kill them, not a soldier or a big monster.) or you're done, back 15 minutes. Times this about 60 times and you finished one chapter of Amy. There's 6.

Once Outinthedark can confirm these achievements are Stackable the X/10 rating will be significantly lower and it will get a bonus with Video Walkthroughs. Without it, you're looking at an easy 8/10 simply in tediousness and the difficulty of the game later on.

Great game, the few flaws really can put the debate on the purchase or not.
The only time I am fine with a lack of a checkpoint system or a game that has a bad checkpoint system is a Survival Horror game. It reminds me a lot of old Silent Hill and Resident Evil where you had to save constantly.

That being said, is the game worth playing? It reminds me of old school Silent Hill and Resident Evil which I was hoping for and it seems like a good game.
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