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Originally Posted by zhoban View Post
The only time I am fine with a lack of a checkpoint system or a game that has a bad checkpoint system is a Survival Horror game. It reminds me a lot of old Silent Hill and Resident Evil where you had to save constantly.

That being said, is the game worth playing? It reminds me of old school Silent Hill and Resident Evil which I was hoping for and it seems like a good game.
Depends on your wallet; if you're one of the people who doesn't purchase XBLA games very often and feel like $10 is a stretch then this game might not appeal to you.

You can't save at all, you have to complete the whole chapter in One go and get one or two checkpoints inbetween the level. Although each level is only 30+ minutes long with a cleanish run, you're going to stay hours yelling and bitching but scared to rage quit because your progress will go down the drain. If you've played (and enjoyed) those classics? Give this one a try because it's actually really nice. It's just really damn hard.

Thanks to the x360a community, all the achievements have been acquired and Outinthedark has a guide that's being updated with step to step walkthroughs to be able to survive Amy. The game is a very possible 200/200G as the game is pretty much done in one playthrough (Difficulties Stack)

To be fair, I've waster 800MSP on worse games in the XBLA. At least once I'm done with Amy, video guide or not, I felt like these 200Gs were definitely earned and it'll feel good.
Thank you, Gackt. (:

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