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Most of the reviews I have read are just not giving it a chance. First they are expecting way too much from a XBLA game - you can't compare it to a AAA title or something. Also the biggest complaints I have read are poor combat and that it is too hard. As far as the combat, it is not really that bad and it's easy to get used to if you have played any of the older Sient Hill games. As far as being hard I did my first playthrough on easy and didn't have many problems except for one stealth part. I still have to go through on hard.It seems to me that most of the reviewers just are not survival horror fans which this game is obviously I have not played a sports game in at least 10 years so I would not try to review this one.

I liked this, there is some nostalgia value from playing old survival horror games which is my favorite genre. I would say most people that liked the Silent Hill games would like this, and if you are a survival horror fan used to hard combat, and hard difficulty then it is worth the 10 bucks. Really it is just making me want the Silent Hill Hd collection even more.

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