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Originally Posted by Outinthedark View Post
Watching the video review, he gave up on Chapter 2 where I honestly wanted to give up too.

He only made it to checkpoint 1 of Chapter 2.

Listening to the podcast he says he played for about a dozen hours. I beat the game on Hard in a dozen hours so I wonder why just the first 2 chapters in the video footage.
My brother told me that a few reviewers actually quit on chapter 2. I only had a slight problem with that chapter and I would hardly consider myself a real "pro" gamer. The fact that these guys do this as a professional and could not get through it makes me really want to just ignore anything these people say. If you don't play a certain genre of game don't review it, and and don't bash the game because you can't get through it. I don't play straight RPGs, and but I'm not going to bash it, and because of that. I these people obviously just didn't get it.

The only part that really gave me trouble was chapter 5, but that's just done know. I I am a little worried about the hard playthrough so I'm not going to break for a day or 2 before trying it. Overall though I though it was a pretty good game. I always say they don't make survival horror games like they used to, and but this (and Alan Wake), give me hope. Which reminds me this game reminds me a little bit of Clocktower mainly because of the hiding.

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