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Originally Posted by Annalie View Post
OK when i started there were 3 zombies. i could only kill 2.... so i used the dumpster to block the view of the 3rd one. i took amy and i made her crawl through a pipe.(the pipes are on the left) after that i waited to become infected so i could walk around the zombies.(move a car and another dumpster) there is a phone on the right by 2 zombies.... press it and run/walk around the corner.

there should be a dead soldier with a breathing mask. use it, and wait to become infected again. those 2 zombies by the car should be at the phone now....go back to amy(while infected), and heal. and from there you should see the broken glass on the ground but dont go that way yet. see the red smoke coming up from the ground? head that way and the mark will be right there on the wall by the car. its the power that you need to silence the glass so you can pass.

When i get the shock wave power i cant seem to progress because ill get spotted, and yes i hit the car alarm.....they keep moving like idiots. why cant they stand still like the zombies by the phone?
Awesome, got there!
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