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Originally Posted by Annalie View Post
Glad to help.

if you manage to get by the next set of zombies with the shockwave power let me know how you did it.
Damn near made it doing this. After you set off the car alarm, hide Amy in the gas station. get infected and get all the way to the dead soldier again. Heal up, get infected and the very last car set off the alarm, that will drag those two to the top. Go back and get amy, hug the truck and the left wall tight and there is a hiding place halfway up the road. Hide her, double back hugging the wall and get infected. Go out and get the car that behind them. Head back to Amy and carry on. I was seen last second, but I also tried to run.

I still haven't seen the other power word.

Found the power word, now I have a new problem. Glitches are happening to where the zombies will attack without seeing me, I can run, but I cant use weapons or shouts

Ok glitched my way to the next checkpoint.... .I'll take it I guess

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