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Got pretty lucky with this, but with the way I've been playing I think I was due for some luck. Played Wake Island for the first time (had to specifically select it in Server Browser since it never seemed to come up in my rotation) and was sort of exploring the island when I happened upon an unused skidloader at the airfield. I hopped on & after a couple miscues was able to get it on the road & build up a little speed. Drove up behind a friendly tank that a couple enemy players were trying to take out & figured I'd try to help him out while also helping myself out since they were distracted by the tank.

Well, the tank apparently got taken out by some plane or chopper as I was driving past, so I figured I was toast since there was now nothing to distract the two enemy soldiers. But no turning back at this point-- full speed ahead (going downhill certainly helped). While firing wildly at me they just happened to line up perfectly that I took both of them out in one run. Their buddy came by & started firing at me, so I tried the same thing with him, but the situation was reversed and I had to try to go uphill with that thing. Decided to ditch it & was promptly whacked, since I always seem to dismount vehicles with my back to the enemy.

So my time in the skidloader is 42 seconds with two kills, giving me 2.85 kills per minute with it :P

Icing on the top-- directly after that I finally found a good attack helo pilot who helped me get that elusive air vehicle ribbon, thus unlocking the Vehicle Warfare achievement. I think I had a grand total of 1 air kill to my name prior to that match, and he kept us alive long enough for me to get 6.
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