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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
Did not get Deep Sea Rescue which is supposed to be story based. I don't know why.

For time trials, might be worth to note how you access them. I spent at least 15 minutes running around and quitting to the main menu trying to figure out how to play them. The room to the left of where you start has a guy in it that you talk to for these.

Confirmation: The last level is the only one that is gitched for time trials. The other ones do not reset upon dashboard. The last level glitched by itself for me during a cut scene and made it so there was no time limit. I finished the level with 0.00 without dashboarding. I did however die once and reset checkpoint once to try again for DNA.
Thanks. I added the stuff about the dashboard glitch and Six's location for the time trials. I also put Deep Sea Rescue as a glitched achievement in the roadmap. I'm fairly certain that "curing Aquania" is what you do in the cutscene after killing the Octo-brain guy, but I'll check this (hopefully) this weekend when I work on a playthrough for my cousin.
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