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Since a Trial game is actually available for once and if you're into the genre, I'd encourage everyone to give it a go. I'm not going to buy it because I have a lot of acvhievements to chase already, not to mention five hardcover games I bought a month ago and haven't even played. When I catch up 'Amy' is something I will be coming back to

I've put up with bigger glitches and more annoying puzzles in games from major brands, so i'm not overly critical when it comes to 'Amy'.

From the trial i'm most impressed with the visuals and sound, for the first time in a long time those whispers in the background put me on edge, I made Lana crouch and skulk around for a solid five minutes in fear of a baddie that wasn't even there C:

Resident evil games don't even give me chills anymore they've become so action enthused
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