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Originally Posted by Smash XL View Post
Terrible. But Hilarious. My roommate watched me play the demo, and we were laughing our butts off at the ridiculous dialogue, those silly moments of praise when Amy pushed a button and it showed her smile or dance, the way the main character seemed to completely ignore everything that gorilla man said to her, and the awesome super stick that dissolves zombies. Sadly, I don't think the game was meant to be funny. I love the survival/horror genre, but this game was bad.

Edit: Also, the gorilla man talks like jar jar binks.

Being funny when not trying is the way most survival horror games are. 90% of them have horrible voice acting. I've played just about every survival horror game out there and for an xbla game ithinks it's pretty good, not like they have a lot of money to drop on voice actors for arcade titles. Of course I have played plenty of AAA title with bad voice acting. This game filled the void I needed to hold me over until March waiting forSilent Hill Downpour. And HD collection.

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