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Rootin' Tootin' Lootin' Alternative Method (Quick Version)

First I want to give thanks to XboX4Ever for posting the foundation of this method originally and Alice2183 for making a few things clear.

This method will help you find orange weapons within a short amount of time. I found 5 orange weapons doing this method though I only needed 3. The time varies for how long you will find a weapon. One time it was the very first chest I looked in (Mowen's Boat). Another time it took me 15 minutes. So on average for me it was about 8 mins.

You will need to have Chapter 15 unlocked or higher (to the best of my knowledge; this is what I did it on). The method I will describe is what I did precisely and exactly. Perhaps there are different things you can do and it will still work but I did not test other possibilities. Character selection may not matter but I am writing out the way I did it.

1. Start a new game and Choose Sam B. Select Chapter 15.
2. Once you spawn press Up on the D-pad and then drop all of you items in your inventory (which for me was only 3)
3. Press RB and apply the following skills under Survival: Recuperation (1) ---> Motivation (3) -----> Picklock (3) ------> Hardened (3).
The main point here is to just have Picklock maxed to Level 3. But like I said, I am writing it out the way I did it exactly. If you choose a different Character such as Logan or Purna, I would recommend putting points in the perks that allow them a better loot.
4. Go inside the Church and Fast Travel to Mowen's Boat, which is located under Laboratory.
5. Once you spawn on the boat, go inside the building beside you. One you enter the inside of the building there is a staircase. Go up the stair case and there should be a Level 3 Red Chest to the right.
6. Open the Chest and DO NOT grab the weapon if it is NOT orange. The weapon will be random between Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. There will not be a specific order. If the weapon is orange skip to either Step 12 or 13.
7. Run to the fast travel which is near the boat. Fast travel to Resot, Bunker #02 which is located under Resort.

The helicopter crash was unfortunate...

8. Once you are inside the bunker go up the ladder that is inside the bunker. Once you get to the top there should be a Level 3 Red Chest to your right.
9. Follow Step 6.
10. Now if the weapon is not orange go to the fast travel and travel back to Mowen's Boat.

What, not even a "hello"?

11. Repeat Steps 5-10 until you find an orange weapon.
12. Skip this step if you don't want to try it, or if you do not have a partner. If you find an orange weapon there is 2 different ways to keep picking it up.
1) The first way is to have a friend join your game. Now have him or you "drop out" but stay in that part of the game. Now you can follow either of these two steps:
(a) Each of you can pick up the orange weapon, meaning both of you get progress towards it
(b) Only one of you picks up the weapon and then drops it. The person who picked it up quits to the main menu and then rejoin your friends game again. The weapon will still be there. And you just repeat the same thing. Drop out of game ---> Pick up weapon ----> Drop weapon ----> Quit to Main menu ---> Rejoin game. Repeat.
2) The other way for picking up the same weapon is to have either a automatic rifle or semi automatic (which is labelled as "single fire" in the game). You need two people. Have one friend shoot the chest right where the is shown as quick as he can and do not stop until you have to reload (unless you have a hacked gun and do not need to reload). After the friend shoots the chest for 2 seconds pick up the orange weapon. You should now have an orange weapon and the orange weapon should still be in the chest. This is the duplicate glitch. You can keep repeating this. But make sure you stop picking up the weapon BEFORE he reloads. If you grab the weapon when he is not shooting the chest then you will take it and it will disappear from the chest.
13. Once you have the orange weapon quit the game.
14. Delete the save you used to get the weapon and start a new game again. Repeat all the steps over.
15. If for some reason you cannot find an orange weapon and it has been over 20-30 minutes, delete the save and restart your xbox. Then start from Step 1.

The methods in step 12 are confirmed.

I will be updating this thread more. I am just going to post it so this method is known as quick as possible.

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