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Thumbs up Modern Times DLC

Modern Times DLC - 1200 MSP


- Make Tropico fit for the 21st century: Evolve the island from the Cold War era to modern times and even into the future

- 30 new buildings become available as time progresses, including condos, skyscrapers, Organic Ranches and Biofarms. Replace obsolete buildings with these modern and inspiring designs

- Upgrade old buildings to new variants -- modernized apartment buildings, banks, museums and much more

- 10 new edicts allow even more control over your citizens' lives. Block or limit citizens' Internet use, create a police state or be a "good guy" and launch the Festival of Love edict

- New single player campaign comprised of 12 comprehensive scenario missions. Protect Tropico from unseen and sinister forces
In case you hadn't already found out?

All I want to know is Achievements? Yes PLEASE!! For 1200 points I would in the very least expect them, I have failed to be tempted to spend on any of the packs despite a serious passion for this game.
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