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Originally Posted by Outinthedark View Post
Text and video guides are now complete. OP reformatted and I believe I can call it damn near complete. Always room for improvement so please let me know if you spot an error.

I also need a good time based on using the guides. Where it took me 15 hours on my own, I'd like to have a count for someone who used the guide.
For a first run through, it took me about 4 and a half hours using the guide when I couldn't see where to go next, most of which was consumed in the first part of chapter five (that hawk-eyed zombie got me so many times... Ugh). Keep in mind this includes pausing the game to look at the walkthrough and such. I never skipped a cut scene but also never had to go back to a checkpoint (except that one in chapter 5) because, thanks to your handywork, I knew how to avoid getting spotted. I earned every achievement except the normal and hard mode ones, as I was playing on easy.

As a result of knowing what to do, though, I can say that I really enjoyed this game; from the looks of it, that's something that many have or have had a hard time doing. I can see how it would be extremely frustrating if one didn't know what to do, but I bet the people who tested it and knew the ins and outs of the puzzles thought that the final product was pretty good. If I didn't know what to do next, yeah, it would have been hard to like it as much as I did. With an objective marker (or at least a clearer idea of where to go next) and a little more indication as to level of infection, as well as more checkpoints, I feel this could have been a game that most everyone could enjoy.

As it stands, though, I had a great time with it, and yes, I'll be doing 3 playthroughs.

EDIT: Just for the record, nightmare wasn't nearly as enjoyable as easy/normal.

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