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The game has hard bits and easy bits like everything else.
Of course, using the plaza telephones to get the tough stuff like the beam sword and that uber-accessory (I forget names) doesn't hurt either... especially for achievement purposes.
My trophy case only has a complete line for V.Easy mode. The rest are piecemeal at best because I preferred to take them on while flailing wicked weaves all over the damned place with every attack.

I'm also wondering if that accessory which activates witch-time when you get hit will work on Infinite Climax... afterall, it seems to work in other situations where I shouldn't be able to do witch-time (did strike me as odd).
Guess I COULD find out... but I have to find the last of those damned chests first... -_-;

Originally Posted by VGJ Sam View Post
It's those Alfheim portals that I am finding to be such a pain!
I'm currently playing through on my hard difficulty and so far so good, but some of those portals I cannot seem to complete....
Gonna try those again after beating hard difficulty.
You could have tried doing them on Normal... Just saying.
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