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Third Tour20 Get a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.

This isn't overly difficult to do, doesn't have to be in the same game, the kills accumulate over multiple matches. The DPV looks like a dune buggy.. not to be confused with the VDV Buggy. The BTR-90 is a Russian built troop carrier tank like thing. It can be found on Conquest (on the Russian side) on the Gulf of Oman. Now the F-35 is the jet that has the capability to hover and is an American built plane. I've found them on Wake Island and Gulf of Oman. (Must be on American team)

Gunslinger20 Get 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons

Sounds simple enough, however, you don't have these weapons at the start of the DLC. These are all weapons you must unlock be completing assignments! You must complete the Tier 1 assignments to unlock the 2nd tier assignments for each class. Anything you do that may count toward a Tier 2 assignment before you unlock it will not count!

**Important!** It is reported that once you get 10 kills with a FAMAS, you must then get 10 kills with it in one game. There is apparently a small glitch with this; but the achievement is still attainable. No eta on a fix.

Assault Tier 1:
FAMAS – “Best Friend Forever
10 Revives
10 Heals
Play as the Assault class with med-packs equipped. Revive 10 teammates and get 10 heals and you receive the FAMAS which is an excellent assault rifle.

Assault Tier 2:
L85A2 – “Professional Russian”
100 Assault rifle kills
20 Grenade launcher kills
Win 5 Squad Deathmatch rounds

Bust out that newly acquired Famas and kill 100 with it, use the M320 grenade launcher attachment (unlocked at 11000xp in Assault) and get 20 kills with that. Then play some Squad Deathmatch and get 5 wins.

Engineer Tier 1:
G53 – “Fixing it”

10 Repairs
1 Kill with the repair tool
Play as Engineer class and keep that repair tool handy! Get 10 repairs on team vehicles and get 1 kill.. preferably sneak up behind someone and burn them to death!

Engineer Tier 2:
QBZ-95B – “It goes Boom!”
50 Kills with AT rocket
1 Enemy vehicle destroyed using the repair tool
Win 5 Conquest rounds
Play as Engineer, use the SMAW (US) or the RPG (RU) and kill folks. Blowing up a tank with 2 people in it with a Rocket will count as 2 kills towards your total. Destroying a vehicle with the repair tool can be kinda tricky, but you can destroy anything! What I mean is, an enemy spawn beacon, a MAV or a T-UGS will all count. I personally got mine by destroying an LAV at an enemy spawn point with no one in it. Then be on the winning team for 5 rounds of Conquest.

Support Tier 1:
QBB-95 – “Let it rain”

20 Kills with Light Machine Guns
2 Mortar kills
Get 20 kills with any LMG in any match. Now for the mortal kills, I personally did not have the mortar unlocked (Mortar unlocks at 40000 Support score). But I came across a poor fellow in a not so safe area with his mortar deployed; I killed him and took his kit and got my mortar kills that way.

Support Tier 2:
MG36 – “Keep your head down”
100 Kills with Light MG
50 Suppression Assists
50 Ammo Resupply Assists

Get lots of kills with that new QBB that you just got, or an LMG you prefer. For getting 50 suppression assists, these count using any weapon for any class. So it is not Support class specific. Keep throwing down ammo boxes for teammates and snipers hanging back and you'll have that done in no time.

Recon Tier 1:
QBU-88 – “Specops”

20 Kills with sniper
5 Laser designations
You have to use a sniper rifle for this assignment, get 20 kills any way you can. Now for the laser designations you must use the SOFLAM (unlocked at 26000 recon score) and lock on to vehicles in the area. Once you lock onto a vehicle and have solid tone.. that counts as a designation. Can also use the CITV turret for the Main Battle Tank (unlocks at 100,000 MBT score).

Recon Tier 2:
L96 – “Creeping Death”
50 Headshots
50 Spot Assists
5 Knife kills

The beauty of this assignment is that it can be done with any class. So any headshot and any spot assist (by pressing 'Select' while targeting an enemy or vehicle) will count. You can also use the MAV for some easy spot assists. Same goes for knife kills!

Any class Tier 1:
PP-19 – “Familiar Territory”

ARM 10 MCOM stations
10 Flag captures
2 Hours played on Strike at Karkand
Play some Rush and you just have to arm the M-Com, it doesn't have to explode! So if you arm one, an enemy defuses it and you arm it again.. that counts as two. Play some conquest and cap those flags! Play specifically on the map "Strike at Karkand" for two hours.

Any class Tier 2:
MK3A1 – “Scarred Veteran”
10 Kills with the PP-19
5 Kills with the DPV Jeep
10 Kills with the BTR-90 APC
2 Hours played on Sharqi Peninsula
2 Hours played on Gulf of Oman

Once you unlock the PP-19 (which is a pretty good gun) get 10 kills with it. Make sure you are in the DPV (not the VDV Buggy) and run down some enemies in it. I personally just ran loops on the streets of Gulf of Oman and ran people down. The BTR-90 is generally only found on the Russian team of Gulf of Oman on Conquest only (not Conquest Assault). Then play 2 hours each on the specific maps.

Like a Boss30 Get a kill with the skid loader

The Skid Loader is basically one of those Bobcat bulldozers you see frequently at construction sites. It can be found on Wake Island (if playing conquest) near the Airfield. Just hop in and try to run someone over with it.

Jaws20 Take a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool

Play the Gulf of Oman and you'll see a tall building; if coming from the American spawn point it's off in the distance to the right; if coming from the Russian side it's up the hill to the left. In front of the hotel is a pool.. have a nice relaxing swim in the hot desert sun and try not to get shot in it.

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