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I checked out the demo, and I gotta say the action had me pretty interested. The backstory had a nice feel and flow to it, and the visuals and concepts within the game are pretty interesting - especially with such beautiful scenery, graphics, and amazing looking characters. However, I was a bit concerned by the how the boss battles played out, an example being his projectile aim/functions. The fight against his mentor was pretty intense once you got yourself into it, but unfortunately I wasn't really able to actually participate as much as I would have liked in these battles. The whole QTE section has a Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 feel to it - which is obvious, considering it's source, but it doesn't seem as open in the boss battles as UNS2 was. Then again, we were only shown a preview of the boss battles - a work that was still in progress at the time that the demo was made. I think that this game has potential - wonderful potential in fact, but only for those who are truly willing to give this somewhat new form of gameplay a chance and enjoy it as it goes along, rather than simply comparing it to other games that have QTEs. Personally I just hope that they didn't take that entire episodes concept too seriously and made a majority of the game feel as if you're just slightly involved in the game while treating your controller like it's a part-time TV remote. That would be a pretty unfortunate outcome for those who are first day buyers/pre-order buyers. Aside from that, I say bring on the rage, and make him a special character in Street Fighter x Tekken!!!
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