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I just got it in Daily Word. Before that I fulfilled the requirements a million times on Standard with 1:55, 1:56 and 1:57, but it didn't pop.

If you are still having trouble do it like this:

On the main menu, go to "Help & Options" and select "Dictionary". Change it to anything, confirm, then change back to English. Go to Daily Word and using find the solution. Repeat the language change process and once more go play the Daily Word. The word will be the same, so just type as fast as you can, and you'll get the achievement. =)

Hint: if the word in English is too big and you can't type it fast enough, select another language, fail on purpose to see the solution and then do it one more time. To speed up the process of playing 30 times, i'm playing in English (word today is bluming) and German (word today is bibel), so i have to switch languages just once per match!
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