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Originally Posted by redlight racer View Post
A count on the prisoners would have been helpful. I am on cha. 3 where you go through the camps that have 1-3 prisoners in each one... The problem is, One of the little bastards attempting to kill the prisoner, freed him. So the prisoner is freed, but now he is tied back up (With no rope to shoot) and I have no idea if it counted towards my total or not.

For the Prisoner achieve, do I have to free EVERY prisoner in the game? Or are there a couple extra?

If I replay the level and free this one idiot from his invisible ropes after I complete the game, would it count?

EDIT: Now one has died. Playing this game single player sucks. The AI partner is barely any help at all, other then standing in my way to block my shots and then shouting to tell me where a priority target is but can't be bothered to attack it himself.
the camps start with 1 prisoner if i remember it correctly, and adding one more per camp until you have 4 in the last camp.

to be safe, restart the part where you are for example chap 3.2 or so

you have to free EVERY prisoner, there are no extra collectibles for any type of them.
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