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I guess I've been lucky with my lack of glitches considering the trouble some are having. A few though:
  • Choosing a vehicle from the garage occasionally freezes the game. No big issue to dashboard it and reload, but it does get old after a few times.
  • Had the Matt Miller problem where he disappears halfway through the fight. Hitting the dashboard and replaying the level fixed it. A minor inconvenience but it did seem a tad retarded that I had to play the mission where I'm a toilet more than once.
  • At one point I played through about 16 survival missions before I realized it was cycling through the same 4 over and over again. I checked the stats and after beating 16 Survivals it only registered 4 were complete. Again hitting the dashboard and reloading prompted it to move me along to the actual fifth instance, but I did end up doing 12+ survival missions that I never got credit for.

    All in all no deal breakers, but I can understand not enjoying this game as much if the achievements weren't popping, the sound cut in/out, or there was a giant red something preventing me from seeing what's on the screen.
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