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Wow! I gotta say that that was a really well thought out concept for a future Army of Two game (which I am more than really looking forward to). I like the weapon's list (the ones that I recognize anyway), and the mission ideas - those would be really cool. I also agree with the previous comment about it being a prequel, or if it is a continuation of TFD, at least have a confirmed fate for what happened to Alice. A four man squad does sound like a good idea, but the only other two I can come up with would be Alice (if she survived she would have probably trained herself better to be a full team member on missions that don't require her to stay back on comms - like Anya [GoW3]), and maybe another completely new girl that Salem might have known from his Juvenile days that Alice probably won't get along with due to differences in how the mission should go, and mixed emotions for Salem. The Russian mercenary would probably be a cool addition as well - he was kinda weird, but he had his moments. Another cool feature as well would be to have the ability to choose who you want to go on a mission with before you start out - with special interactions between them.

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