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Well I don't really have much to say since you guys have pretty much done most the work, but all in all, this is definitely one of my favorite all time games. The beauty and scenery of this game is amazing, and the graphics have definitely made this much more noticeable - especially whenever you're in the water. The influences are very unique, and the characters even much more so. The humor created once Pigsy enters the scene makes for a hilarious addition, and as someone has mentioned, while he was starting to become annoying, his final actions were a demonstration of just how much humanity there still was in a world which at times can create nothing but feelings of loneliness and heartbreak for some, anti-social tendencies for others, and an almost desperate pursuit for happiness for so much more. Like I've said, all in all a great game, but my only regret is that they didn't release all the pre-order DLCs on XBox Live - I would have definitely brought it, just as I plan on buying Pigsy's Perfect 10 - all out of love for the game.

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