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I'v just rented the game and only need 3 more cheevs to go, the instant action maps are not that hard for experienced FPS players, for the newer people, just take your time, and as for elevator, theirs a glitch on the floor with the ghosts to make it so you take no damage, and the last room, also a spawn trapping glitch. on last level exit elevator quickly with slow-mo then kill the 3 guys, while taking cover behind the 1st plant, i mean hug that shit hard lol. wait for slow-mo to regenerate, then use it to run under the stair area with that mini-gun dude, he wont come down stairs, so just use the slow-mo strat on him. the second he dies plant the 2 proxi mines by any 2 elevator doors then run up top stairs and camp out while picking guys off, take your time, and sometimes they might try to go up the stairs so just watch it carfully, if you guys want a video, ill make a very good one, just msg me and ill post one up with audio walk through for it! hope this helps, and if anyone need some advice just msg me
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