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Originally Posted by Tyger7 View Post
Just an example of a good way to do an achievement. Achievements you will get along the way automatically while going for a different one, should usually be listed to just see the main one. This will clean up your guide and make it much less exhausting to read through. They see that and know automatically they can skip ahead to that description and get all of the info in one.

If this helps, the main story took a little over 5 hours for me to complete. I had to do a couple over, so it can be done in 5 hours. I was able to get perfect scores on almost every level. I'm just now getting to the extra stages which look much shorter.

Starter Purse 4
Earn $3,000.

See "Rich Purse" achievement description.


Spider Jack still needs a guide. Not sure if anyone started one.
I see your point, but I personally resent this style because many times I see guides that give insight only on the main achievement, and don't give much or any info at all about the lesser achievements, e.g., where and when you should expect to get it.

I dislike this specially on the guide page, where I tend to read them one at a time sequentially, or when the info is all grouped on the first achievement of the batch, which is hidden if you use the check-boxes like I do.

I assume I'm on the minority here, so I'll edit to make it more appealing to the majority.

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