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Raystorm HD Road Map


Achievement difficulty: 6/10
Offline: 12/12 (200)
Online: 0/12 (0)
Time needed for 200: 5+ hours
Missable achievements: None
Glitched achievements: None
Cheats disable achievements: No cheats
Difficulty effects achievements: No

Welcome to Raystorm HD, an updated classic shooter orginally released for the PSOne. A number of changes have been made from the original, such as ranking leaderboards and a new mode called "13 Plane Mode".

Though there's co-op, its only local and all achievements are strictly Single Player. Also, whether or not you're skilled in this game, the two achievements, "LOCKON DOWN 10000 UNIT" and "SHOOTINGDOWN 15000 UNIT", will take quite some time to earn.

Regardless, the difficulty setting doesn't effect your achievements and once you earn "UNLOCK UNLIMITED CREDITS", earning the rest of the "Easy 6" should take 3-5 hours. While the "Hard 6" will really push your skills and patience.

Step 1: Unlimited Credits
From the start, go to Help & Options > Configuration and change the difficulty to "Very Easy", change Lives to "1" and Credits to "9". From here, play either Arcade or Extra until you get a game over. Do this six times and after getting a game over for the sixth time, the achievement will pop-up when you return to the menu screen.

Step 2: The Easy 6 (80)
With one down, it's time to get the other 5 achievements. Head back to Help & Options > Configuration and change Lives to "5" and Credits to "Unlimited". Now head to "Extra Mode" for "R-GEAR ROLLOUT". Choose your R-Gray and set to auto for earning "OVERALL SHOOTINGDOWN AVERAGE 80%". While playing, focus as much as the small targets as possible and use the special attack when the screen gets very crowded. This is a must during the sixth stage, as the screen quickly fills up when getting close to the boss fight.

Now with the R-Gear available, head to Arcade for "R-GRAY0 ROLLOUT" and "OVERALLL LOCKON AVERAGE 80%". The one thing the game doesn't explain is what the "Lockon Showdown" means. Its a weapon kill ratio, i.e if all the kills made in a stage is mostly shots and special attacks, the lockon percentage would be low. With the R-Gear's unlimited lockon and a special attack that makes it temporarily invincible, its possible to play an entire game with Lockon ONLY. Using lockon only in every stage will net you "100% lockon showdown" guaranteed. Regardless of how many enemies missed or the number of times you die. By now, you should also have earned the "UNLOCK 13 PLANE MODE" achievement. This should take about 3-5 hours to get this.

Step 3: The Hard 6 (120)
From here, there's no more hand holding. "13 Plane Mode" will put your skills to the test as you use one specialty ship (R-Gear or R-Gray0) and twelve standard ships (R-Gray1 and R-Gray2, both auto and manual) in a one credit playthrough. Now, select 13 Plane Mode > Extra Mode, as its easier, and go for "UNLOCK EXTRA STAGE SELECT MODE" and "UNLOCK RATE VIEWER". A useful tip to completing "13 Plane Mode" is to try not to lose at least one ship for the first three stages.

Once that's done, you can go back to 13 Plane Mode for "UNLOCK ARCADE STAGE SELECT MODE" or go straight to the standard Arcade/Extra for "NO CONTINUE CLEAR", if you've really gotten good. If you have gotten this far, or gotten a game over a lot, you should be one step closer to "LOCKON DOWN 10000 UNIT" and "SHOOTINGDOWN 15000 UNIT".

Raystorm HD is one of the few classics that's greatly enjoyed with friends. Its such a shame that there's only local co-op and that all achievements are restricted to single player. If your very good with shooters, getting most of the achievements should be a cake walk, while the two Unit achievements will take hours. Raystorm HD is still a good game to pick up for nostalgia lovers and for those looking for a shooter with an easier learning curve.
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