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For some reason when I did this I got a major jump and wasn't able to get potions that were at +73,000 percent. My potions went from +8,000 % to over +1,000,000 and I had to reload my hard save and go with the +8,000% because anything higher gave my enchantments negatives (but only the enchantments). Improving turned out scary great but when I enchanted my armor it all fell into the negative by about 6 billion points.

Originally Posted by pined5551 View Post
Personally I think doing this would take all the fun out of the game.

I'm with you on this. I just made my armor tonight as a way to seek revenge on the game for forcing me to delete my mage and start all over again. I went Orcish tank this time with intent to make this armor and just annihilate. It was fun for a little while, but after one-shotting a dragon with my Daedric bow I've already considered crafting a new set. I have 13 extra Daedra hearts and acquiring the Ebony ingots required would be nothing as I'm sitting on 160,000 gold in profits from potion sales and general dungeon looting.

I didn't wait until I had all this stuff ready before questing, I did it as I went along. Took me to level 50 to get everything in order as Method prescribed. I couldn't just sit in Whiterun grinding it out. I had to adventure. But yeah, it's not that fun and I'll probably just keep this suit for when I decide to go after that Master Criminal cheev, as it's waaaay too expensive to be able to sell it to anyone.
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