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Originally Posted by Veedrock View Post
Difficulty won't affect ribbon XP.

I don't have the Friendly Fire Mutator but could an Ink/Incendiary Grenade suicide work? It only costs 1500 to buy back in so you can afford it. Only other method of death I can think of are the Kryll in Bullet Marsh, but idk if the sandbags by the Longshot are sufficient for holding the weapon in place.

I should be able to test this in a while if nobody else gets around to it (can't get to second controller atm), but I figured I'd bring it up in case somebody can try it sooner and/or they also need a workaround to the Mutator.
Just bought Ink on Checkout, and downed myself with it. Just bleed out. It worked fine, and you have enough money to buy yourself back in. Haven't tried Bulletmarsh, but I figured Checkout would be a better test for you.
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