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Originally Posted by HarakiNinja View Post
Nah, it's not really that scary. Looking at Washington like that makes feel a little relieved that the pride of the country could still survive something like that. You know, for a guy who lives in DC...
I believe their intentions were to make the player ask themselves, "shit, did we get ourselves that far that ended up helping our country get destroy?", no patriotism...but whatever.

Post-Apocalyptic plots always play with the concept idea of showing you a horrible scenario of the future where mankind destroys itself, in this case, thanks to nuclear war. DId you truly felt pride that even american writers think your country can ended up playing a mayor part in the destruction of the environment? Now I understand why America contaminate so much without regret, you just donīt give a damn even after so much sci-fi writing about it and scientists warnings.
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