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Originally Posted by Younicorn View Post
So the Catwoman achievements aren't popping for me, and I've beaten the game once and had the Catwoman code input before I started my initial play through of Arkham City.

Am I missing something?

Can her achievements only be obtained when playing through on New Game +?
Nope. You play her parts on the story and you get them as soon as you finish each one.

The game has some glitches for some people. And sorry to tell you this, but this is the kind of game that will not get any patch.

I´ll recommend you to start a new game on easy (since that doesn´t matter when going for catwoman´s cheevos) and make a speedrun with Batman to jump into catwoman´s bits. Look for the achievements guide to see the first achievement related to her story, and if still doesn´t pop, then I´m guessing those will never come to you.
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