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Test the demo yesterday and itīs pretty fun. I donīt like the anime/manga schemes, plots, characters or anything, but this game made laugh so hard I may even ended up getting it.

Gameplay doesnīt seems to be too deep, at lest what is show in the demo, and itīs not clear which can of game it is regarding the playable parts, but if the demo is a current demonstration of the whole game, Iīm please.

I love the "my character is stronger than any other character you have ever meet" scenario they seems to want for Asura. Heīs piss off about something, giant monster come to kill him, he gets more piss off and beats the enemy, then enemy turn out to become a more giant version of himself and beats Asura, but he gets a flashback of his daughter and gets even more piss off till he become a nuclear pooping device of massive destruction screaming nonsenses in Japanese. How can anyone not love it? Is so Dragonball parody that I love it.

Bayonetta was fine, but it was too much Devil May Cry meets God of War (funny since God of War kinda of start as an occidental version of the Devil May Cry formula), and the constant feeling that they were trying to make me think Bayonetta was sexy when she wasnīt get me to ended up hatting the character, is just one of those cold and ironic overconfident action woman typical in animes that I never believe. Asura is just so crazy I donīt have to give a damn, just have fun with the uber-destructive consequences of massive quick time events, which I must say, are the finest I had fun thanks to their variety and the fact that they are all play in cinematic modes.

The game will not be a classic or a must have, of that Iīm certain, but at least I can have a blast of a time, something where the actual industry fails sometimes.
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