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My biggest problem with the game is that it feels like GB got the game and slapped a sticker on it and shipped it out. So many things needed fixing.

Bad load times. My god for a crappy graphics game the load time should be no longer then 5 seconds.

Accuracy of guns. I have the vertical and horizontal turned to one and the gun still whips around like crazy. And this is the biggest problem of what I'm talking about. You shot anyone point blank with a shotgun sometimes it will kill them in one hit. Other times good luck shot and shot and shot some more. Same with being on roids. You can hit someone once and they explode and other times I'll sit there and beat on them for hours it they don't want to die.

The two weapons at a time would be great and all if the weapons held a good amount of ammo but they don't. At times you can find plenty of ammo all over the place and its no biggie. But other times on bigger enemies you'll run out in no time.

The driving is very weird. I finally got kinda used to it but its still a pain. Not as easy as they could have made it.

Overall I know I've bitched a lot about it but it was an OK game. It kept me entertained and the jokes were funny. Like with the turd. Never have I laughed that much in a video game.
30 games 100%

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