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Originally Posted by yamayamayaamaa View Post
"For Momentary Pleasure, the achievement can also be earned by using characters' moves that Auto Guard Impact (GI). Example would be Xiba's Critical Edge, Siegfried's ducking stance, and Alpha Patroklos' A+B. Not every character has them but they do not cost meter to use. Much faster."
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+ = Taunt

What CyberEvil meant was the in game controls of A+B, which are X + Y on the Xbox controller.

Which does not do an auto GI for Maxi, not sure where you got that from.

Also, Sigfried's ducking stance is called "Base Hold" and is Y+B on the Xbox controller.
I only use standard SC notation because I play on stick. Also, people change their controls so it just makes things easier. Didn't notice he used the button icons. Good catch.
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