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Also on the part in the castle where the red leader and other ganados run away, once you discover them. Throw a grenade in there, (or rocket launcher if you want to waste it) and kill everyone. Each normal ganado drops a spinel and the red leader drops illuminati pendant

Rocket launcher one hit kills just about any boss. Buy as needed. If a boss has multiple forms then it will usually just kill that form. So then get it to its next form then use rocket. On this current pro run im buying rockets for all bosses and though I sacrifice some upgrades by doing so, I find it worthwhile so far. Depends on the player though since Im not new to this game at all. Usually you will get your money back for a boss kill, plus all the ammo in the boss area you never used, and saving all your own ammo as well.

The rocket launcher you find is also good to use on the dual blind claw enemies that appear in the entrance soon after

For the knights. Just shoot off thier helmets. Expose a few plagas and throw a flash grenade. Makes them very easy.

If you are completely out of ammo, go back to the merchant and try to upgrade capacity on any of your weapons. This will refill that gun

The rifle shoots through multiple targets. Use it to pick off enemies at a distance , when they charge you in a row, line it up and fire through them all

Always shoot dynamite sticks that an enemy is holding. It will detonate and kill whoever is in the area

For PRO use the knife only on krauser. He can eat a MASSIVE amount of standard weaponry. I remember it taking me 6 hours to beat him on gamecube using rocket launcher , magnums, and standard weapons. Then recently saw a video of him being beaten with a knife in seconds. I tried it on normal and it was very easy.

For this version. Make sure to get ashleys armor first, by beating seperate ways. To make pro mode much less frustrating. Since protecting ashley is the most annoying part of the game. By choosing costume 2 for leon, ashley will have the armor when she appears and be invincible. Use her as bait or to shield yourself from hits

About to get bitten or grabbed? Use quick turn immediately so the enemy grabs your back. Then hit the buttons to shake the enemy off and take no damage.

Use the shotguns knockback ability for crowd control, to your advantage.

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