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It very much depends on how you define "suck." If you don't like hack&slash games, then don't bother. If graphics matter more than gameplay, don't bother. If you, like me, like/love playing the occasional hack&slash, I would at least recommend a rent to see if you like it.

Now, the voice acting isn't the best, nor are the graphics. The lip sync is off and some effects come in late (sparks from clashing swords come a second late in the intro video for example), and the story isn't all that great - but then again, this is an action-driven game.

Now, a lot of the complaints I've seen this game get, such as the weapons dropped by dead enemies disappearing and your companion (if you play solo) not reacting to help you, I haven't seen myself. Maybe there was some changes done to the NA release which messed it up, but as a European player, I haven't had any troubles yet.

Obviously this isn't a mainstream game. Reviewers are tearing it a new asshole, but personally I'm glad I didn't listen to them. I find it quite enjoyable so far. There is a wide variety of weapons and combos, and although it can get repetitive to see the same finishing move over and over, you unlock more finishers as you play. Sticking to more than one weapon type nicely counters that too.

In short, this game isn't for everyone. Rent it and try it is my advice.
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