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In every resident evil, your able to have three saves and still get an A rank, provided your under time limit also. The ranking system, although hard to tell how it runs, but I do believe its a simple style point system, based off my knowlegde from speed demo Use an aid spray, or save past 3 times, or retry, or skip special tasks, do reduce points. In re2, if you get all the photos, you get an extra point, or collect all the diaries, you also get a point! so if you decide to use an aid spray, it just cancels it out, and isn't a permanent deduction towards your rank. in re:Code VX, If you kill the worm outside the training hall then you wouldnt have to, lets say give rodrigo his hemo-stat, or a different special; task! Or skip a certain task and get a better time limit, although thats only based on some of my lucky runs in other res games?! I hope this helps and once again, this knowledge is based of of time iv played the series of res games and people on When I beat game, I had just under 4 hours, but had 3 saves, then i checked this site, to see reviews and stuff, so know ima try to beat game with killing worm, but not do another task, i will post my results in the next 2 weeks time! and will be trying several different methods to help the people on here get a more clearer description! ill be back lol
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