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Total Awards: 2 (more» ...)
Trigger Happy - 15
Get 30 firetrap kills in one Survival match

This has to be done on the church level. On the left and right side of the level are switches. Flick one of those and the corresponding fire trap will turn on. I found this to be easy enough in co-op. Have your partner either throw enemies into the fire trap or lead them there so you can turn it on. I unlocked this around wave seven after killing almost each wave enemy with it. This achievement is not cumulative so it does all have to be done in one match, otherwise you start your count over.

Combo King - 15
Do 10 combos of 20 hits or more

Like any other game, combos revolve around you hitting an enemy over and over without your chain being broken. It’s usually easiest to start with the shank move , and then pounce the enemy so you can get four or five more hits in. Finally use your gun to shoot other nearby enemies or pounce the next one to keep the chain going.

Zombie Killer - 10
Reach the zombie wave in each Survival map

There are a total of three survival maps and for this achievement you just need to make it to round 13 on each one, as that is the zombie wave. Not very hard at all.

Gimmick Free - 10
Kill a Survival Boss with no traps or grenades

This one can be kind of annoying but is pretty easy with a co-op partner. I found Shanks chainsaw and shotgun to be a good combo for the boss. Just keep your distance and constantly attack the boss, who first shows up on wave six. If he gets close roll with the button as his attacks can really damage you. If you get downed have your partner revive you. Just keep at it and don’t touch the traps or use grenades and you’ll have this in no time.

Surf's Up - 10
Stay alive for 15 consecutive Survival waves

Can be fairly difficult. This needs to be done in survival and it’s much easier to do with a co-op partner, though I’m sure it’s quite possible solo. For this achievement you have to survive 15 waves without losing all your health and getting downed. Keep your distance from most enemies and spam your long range weapons or grenades. Make sure to heal with tequila whenever you’re at half health. On the boss round it’s easiest to use traps and shoot them from afar so you don’t take too much damage. Or if you have a co-op partner have him do most of the fighting so you can keep your health up. After round 15 you will get the achievement if you haven’t been downed.

No Bargains - 10
Buy nothing for 10 straight waves of Survival

Another one that’s easiest done with a co-op partner. For ten waves you can’t buy a single thing. If your partner buys tequila you can still drink it and it won’t count against you, so just work together and have him buy everything for the first ten rounds. Then switch out and do it for him.

Up Close And Personal - 10
Beat a Campaign level with no ranged attacks

Easiest level to do this in is the first one, as it’s pretty short. Just play through the level and don’t use your throwing knives or guns at all. Grenades are okay though. After you finish the level the achievement will unlock.

And The Kitchen Sink - 5
Find the kitchen sink and kill someone with it

On level 7, The last resort, you will find the sink in a room with a prisoner and an enemy. It's right after you jump down from a deck. You'll see a door to the left that you need to go in to find it. Just pick the sink up and throw it at an enemy to kill them.

Shopaholic - 5
Buy everything in Survival Mode

This does not have to be done in a single session. To access them just hit on the controller and buy whatever you need. Here’s a list of the eight items needed and what round they unlock.

1-Round 3- Tequila
2-Round 5- Wild Boar
3-Round 7- Decoy
4-Round 10- Minigun
5-Round 13- Turret
6-Round 15- Thumper
7-Round 17- Fireballer
8-Round 20- Missile Barrage

Ditch Digger - 5
Kill 100 enemies using the shovel

Some of the big enemies carry a large shovel with them. After killing them you can pick up the shovel and use it in place of your normal heavy weapon. You will have to do this multiple times as the shovel breaks after only a dozen hits or so. This can be done in story mode and survival and is cumulative.

Batter Up - 5
Execute 150 kills with the baseball bat

Some of the smaller enemies carry a baseball bat with them and it’s the same deal as the shovel. Kill them, pick it up and kill other enemies with it. If you perform a counter on a bat enemy it will also count toward this. Can be done in story mode and survival and is cumulative.

Completed (Including DLC) Retail: 111 ~ Arcade: 91

Achievement Guides:

Dead Rising: Case West. XBLA
Shank 2 XBLA

The Fancy Pants Adventure XBLA

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