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The First Dozen - 5

Kill 12 enemies

Should be the first achievement you get. Can be done in story or survival mode.

Shank SMASH - 5

Kill 50 enemies with the heavy object smash

Heavy objects are things like the sink and wheel that you find throughout the levels. Just pick them up and throw them at enemies to kill them until you hit 50. You can also use the cars located in some levels that you can push with , as they also count toward it. On level 7 you can take the sink with you through the rest of the level and kill as many people as possible as it does not break like other weaons. There should be enough to get the achievement or get pretty close.

Freedom Fighter - 5

Rescue 50 Civilians From The Militia

Through the course of the story you’ll come across civilians that are tied up. They are usually easy to find and out in the open. Just walk up to them and hit the to release them. This is a cumulative achievement so you will probably unlock it during your second playthrough.

There's a place to grind this out easily at the end of chapter six on the boat. Before the last boss you'll come to an area where you have to fight a large amount of enemies and get the keys to unlock shipping containers where militia members are held. There's three containers total and seven militia. Rescue the first four and then die so you restart the checkpoint and can rescue the first four again. Don't worry it will autosave the ones you rescue. Make sure to not rescue the last three as that will move the level forward and you'll end up with the boss as a checkpoint.

Not So Fast - 5
Do 30 counters in one Survival match

Counters are when you wear an enemy down until they’re blinking red. Then wait for them to attack and hit when there’s a red exclamation mark over their head. You’re better off doing this as much as possible in the first ten waves as things get a little hectic after that. This does have to be done during one session and is not cumulative. I found it was easy with a co-op partner. While one of us would be doing a counter move the other one would keep the other enemies attention and soften them up.

Completed (Including DLC) Retail: 111 ~ Arcade: 91

Achievement Guides:

Dead Rising: Case West. XBLA
Shank 2 XBLA

The Fancy Pants Adventure XBLA

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