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Originally Posted by iiPaDFooT View Post
i probably would have had it before finishing my first playthrough, but i ran into a little problem. i kept telling the guy i was playing with "I NEED ORANGE WEAPONS. you can have the weapon, i don't care, i just need to pick it up."
yet he kept picking it up, then walking over to me and trading/dropping it for me O.o so i ended up getting 3 in my first playthrough. i think he did it at least 3 times.
Ah, see I have yet to do any co-op. I've been playing privately so I can learn the game and enjoy it for myself before expanding into doing any mp/co-op. I just made it to the jungle for the third time with Xian and am level 60.

I'll probably progress her as far as having to go to the prison (but won't go) and leave it there so if I need money I can just fast travel loot boxes and such and keep her ready for the Arena.

Next I have to start building the other three and try to polish off some random cheevs. So I'll probably start co-oping soon. Even then I'd rather arrange it ahead of time with someone rather than try to random it.

But I hate people, anyway. So for that reason I like to stick with people I know/meet via sites like this one and hope for the best.
As of 4/28/14 my Borderlands 2 trading post is officially closed. I am no longer boosting, trading, farming, etc on the Xbox360. I am entirely on the Xbox One now. If you want to play Xbox One with me, send a friend request with a message to GT zI Drucifer Iz (those are capital I's).

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